Solutions for emergency situations

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Panic how can we do now


You have just lost your data, your information system. You are in an emergency situation!


You may find yourself in these emergency situations for various reasons:

  • breakdown, unavailability or destruction of your IT
  • cyber attack with encryption or deletion of your data
  • human error
  • natural disaster
  • lack, loss, technical impossibility to restore your backups


In all these cases, your activities, your operations are stopped and for a significant period of time, even long, which can go as far as to condemn your company.

You need to find solutions that are immediately operational, practical, flexible enough to adapt to your needs and activities, and temporary.

In addition, they must simplify your tasks and allow you to recover your data when you return to a normal situation with your IT.


Here we will show you how our solutions meet the needs and requirements in such situation and will help you to restart in few minutes, hours.