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Build your social network 1


The debate on the protection of personal data, positioning and practices of GAFAM is currently raging, with the detonator for the general public being Facebook's announcement of changes to WhatsApp's terms of use to arrogate to itself the right to collect and transfer data to the group (and thus exploit it for its benefit).


So the real answer is to change the paradigm by reversing the situation as we advocate: don't entrust your data, keep it in your hands and let third parties ask you for access to the information they would like to obtain from you. Your data is private, personal and therefore constitutes your asset. It is therefore legitimate, normal, that you have the management of it.


How can we do that?

Here we will present you a Facebook, WhatsApp  and more, all in one, alternative solution.
Build on open software only, no dependency on suppliers.
Based on a data storage tool that will receive all your data and that you administer yourself, applications are added according to your needs, i.e. like Facebook, WhatsApp and others social networks.


How does it look like?

your own social network 2
Select your background and the widgets as you like.


your own social network 3
Set your account - profile


your own social network 4
Organize directories as you like and decide about sharing.
You can share, or not, with a person, group of persons, thus at directory or file level.
You also can decide to public share at the same level (password protected or not, for a period of time only)
You can allow upload, download, consult, edit, delete files.


your own social network 6 sync
Upload your files
You can also synchronize data with your devices
and install the Android, iOS, Desktop app 


your own social network 7 pictures
Here you can see image files, but it's the same for video files
You can organize and show your files as file lists or widgets
You can display pictures as a slideshow or gallery
You can locate, tag your files 


your own social network
Let us see what Sandy, your contact with whom you share images sees. She only see the directories and files you shared with them.
If you have authorized it, Sandy could also upload his own files to share them with you, with the members of a group.


your own social network - 8
You can use your in-house guest's accounts chat which can be associated with a file or a directory.


your own social network 9
You can also have an open chat to exchange messages with others,
You can have call-meeting tools,
and use it without leaving your space and your work in progress.


your own social network 10
You have lot of options and add-on to extend your world.
Contacts, Agenda, Tasks, ToDo, E-mail, Audio player, Video player, streaming, Office tools, Shared Cost-Spend tools,...
You also can connect, bridge with Facebook, Zoom, Twitter, Google, Team,...


  • Have your all-in-one solution built according to your needs around your own data storage space where they are protected.


  • Manage your data access for individual, groups, public, invite guests and do the same you are doing currently using several stand alone and proprietary supplier's apps.


  • Forget about creating and managing multiple, endless accounts per application with their login IDs, forget data transfers between applications to exchange with all people with endless private data duplication and dissemination.


  • Be free to select, change applications, add and remove things without constraint, at any time, but without ever losing your data.


  • Always have access from anywhere to all your data, up to date, securely, even in case of loss or theft, or if you need to replace one of your devices.


  • Benefit from update, automatic backups of your data services and Eralys support.

And you don't need to loss all your social network contacts, data storages on your actual apps as you can connect, bridge, migrate data with them.


Make your life easier and protect yourself and your data. Exchange serenely.


What are you waiting for? Just do it !


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