Collaborate on Office documents in real time.


Make it easy to work on documents alone, or with others in real time.


Office documents are basically tools of individual productivity, but we use them massively daily in all our activities and do not stop receiving and sending these files in all directions. In fact, we have made it a tool for sharing and cooperation.

In the professional environment, if the initial content is developed by a person, in the vast majority of cases it is reviewed, completed, corrected, finally validated with the assistance of third parties. Mostly, we proceed by sending files using e-mail back and forth.

This is for example the case :

  • between colleagues and departments, the management to validate a budget using a spreadsheet file,
  • between a secretariat and the members of a Committee, or the participants in a meeting to validate the minutes writen down in a text file,
  • between the sales and marketing teams to build a presentation file,
  • between the sales and the legal team and a customer with his team to close a contract using a text file
  • ...


If the working method seems very simple and leaves a lot of flexibility to each individual, it nevertheless presents significant disadvantages:

  • It is not very effective because you quickly get lost in e-mails and versions,
  • Generally people do not use the modification tracking function and it is difficult, very laborious to compare the versions that are circulating to see or understand what has been modified. And if the document is large, if the participants, back and forth, changes are numerous, and comments in lots through lots of e-mails, in practice it becomes unmanageable,
  • It is a source of confusion, errors, oversights that can have significant consequences,
  • In addition, there is the question of confidentiality, cybersecurity and data protection since each participant has multiple versions of files that he stores propably on various devices including his mobile devices...


How can you do?


Opt for Eralys Cloud Office solution.

Accumulate the benefits of the Cloud which is particularly suitable for storage and exchange, sharing of files and offers file synchronization between different devices, and the flexibility of Office tools.

Eralys Cloud Office brings you much more since you can share and work with others, together in interactivity and in real time, in the same document and use all tools available in Eralys Cloud.

Deployed on your own Eralys Cloud, giving you full control over your data, highest security is done and if you are a medical, financial player our cloud servers are under iso27000 standard and can be put under HDS (EU health) HIPAA (US health) and PCI DSS (finance) certifications.


In the Cloud, files organized at your convenience


With an interface very close to a classic file explorer, organize your files as you like.

Think about:

  1. the access rights you need to organize,
  2. your file synchronization needs between the different devices involved,
  3. your working organization.


Classic File Explorer interface

File content
Organize files as you like.


Files upload or creation


Select your directory and upload your Office files.

To create online Office files you can see in the sub-menu items

  • Document,
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation



File management tool



File Versions


Each time a file is modified, a new version is saved as you can see in the right side frame.

Just select the version you want to open it.

A cool feature if you want to retrieve an older version of the file.




File versions
file version
Version tab shows you all file versions





A very practical and useful feature when working together with others peoples.


Particularly useful for:

  • make a comment to the attention of a third party to request a proofreading, a supplement or even a validation,
  • run a validation process (i.e. contract, minutes of a board, technical or financial, customer validations),

Files comments

Office Comment

Just select the Comments tab in the frame and you will see the log of all comments made by whom and when.

You can add yours.




File Sharing


File can be shared and made available to Cloud User but also to guests you invite by e-mail.

Here we show you a Document case, but it's the same for a Spreadsheet or a Presentation file.

Everyone can modify the file opened and shared online, and everyone will see in real time on their screen what others are doing.



Share and work together
Office share
in real time on the same file.
By Share tab in the right frame you can add Cloud Users and guests you want to share with.



Enter a chat


While you are working in an Office file, you can initiate a discussion at any time.

Imagine that you are missing the information you need to develop the content of your document, or that you want to obtain an opinion by discussing a certain point with a colleague ....
All you need to made is a click to enter in discussion and automatically you will keep track of your exchanges in connection with your document.

Very nice and an efficient way to work.



In one click enter a chat
Video chat around a Office file



That's it!

Get started immediately, work with Office files much more efficiently and comfortably, but also safer.


Our Eralys Cloud solution can do more things for you. Discover possibilities and other use cases.