Codiv-19 - Make it easy for your health institution


The extension of the corona virus contamination lead the authorities of many countries and areas to impose restrictions with particular requirements especially for places welcoming the public, meeting places for a large number of people!


One of the measures to stop the spread of contamination and limit infections and deaths is to identify and isolate people who may have been infected as soon as possible.

The challenge is therefore to be able to identify very quickly all the people who may have been potentially contaminated in the presence of a contact discovered to be carrying the virus.


This implies that it is possible to collect contact details of people who are present and in relation to each other, especially in public places and especially in closed places such as restaurants, bars, shows, gatherings and events, etc...

This raises the practical question of :


  • how to go about collecting and recording the necessary information,


  • how to make this information available to health institutions, which must be qualitative and immediately available,


  • in view of the considerable number of people for whom information is collected, how can health teams be enabled to effectively and quickly target and find only those concerned?


  •  in addition, the question of the protection of personal data arises with this large-scale public dissemination!


It is a very big challenge for people, organisations and health institutions.


This is where we can help. How can we do?


We offer facilities to people


We allow them to easy record their data from a PC, tablet or mobile phone:

  • in advance,
  • when they arrive on the spot

They then receive their ID code which they will use when asked for their data.

No personal data is disclosed, recorded or stored outside our eCovid registration system.


Host just confirm the presence !


For the host all it have to do is to ask for people's ID code.


As the people has already entered his data in the system himself, no data collection, protection, keeping and deletion, GRDP and paperwork burden.

Using PC, tablet or smartphone

Confirmation using any devices

and in no time at all
Host validate the ID code of people
to confirm, record, the presence.

For you health body

Manage health teams


Authorised persons who require access to the data are registered as users of the eCovid system.

An elaborate and finely configurable user management system makes it possible to reproduce any entity with its organisation, hierarchical, flat, by function, profession, role and individual, transverse, by team, collaborative. 


Data access rights can be set down to the level of the elementary data field and applicative function.

Shared calendar month view

shared calendar month view

Define your teams, the tasks and schedule for efficient resources operation, call campaigns management.


Find the contacts you are looking for

Manage list views as required

Contact data list view

You can create, organise and modify lists as you need and share it with users or hold it private.

You can define your lists an select data flieds to show, filters conditions.

You have a search-filter bar at the top of the column and a simple click on the column header allows you to display in ascending/descending direction.

Also, at the top of the list you can select everything, and at the beginning of the rows there are checkboxes that allows you to apply mass actions to the selected rows only.

Very useful for example when you want to show only people from a city who have already been contacted.

With a click on a line you display the detail.

For spreadsheet addicts, you can edit each "cell" in a row in spreadsheet style when you double click on the cell or row.

Finally you have the same as reporting tool which allows you to send notifications, periodic reports automatically by e-mail to one or more recipients.


Get a dashboard


Lists and reports can be defined as KPI to be show in widgets you organise in a dasboard

You can choose to present in the form of tables of values or in the form of a graph.


That's it!

Immediately operational, simple, fluid, efficient, safe.

No specific organisation, investment, equipment or operational arrangements to be put in place.

No paperwork management: no paper, register storage and management, no destruction of documents, files or registers,

No need and no delay to transfer data to the authorities,

No personal data protection stuff,

Streamlined and qualitative data recording, streamlined reception process for hosts, efficient tools for health team's job!


Our eCovid solution is highly customisable, adaptable to activities, to specific context to meet your wishes.

Applications and tools are available to help add value for each one and transform a constraint, a burden into something productive, something positive.

If you are a organisation, a group, an institution, a club, a solution with a fully dedicated and customised system can be offered to you. Come in touch, you are welcome.


We all are actors, and the more people you encourage to join the system,

the more you will benefit from it in your daily life.

This is the immediate contribution that we have thought of, and that we are making available as a matter of urgency, but it is a first basis that we propose to improve with your contributions based on feedback from all of you. Thank you.