Covid-19 - Make it easy and safe for your organisation !


The extension of the corona virus contamination lead the authorities of many countries and areas to impose restrictions with particular requirements especially for places welcoming the public, meeting places for a large number of people!


Measures usually restrict reception times and limit the number of people present at the same time in a space,

Another measure is to make it possible to contact anyone who has come into contact with an individual found to be carrying the virus and has been present in your space.


Faced with the first measure, which drastically reduces your activity, your objective is to be able to optimise the use of your space. To do this, and to best meet demand, you need to make the flow of people more fluid.

The second measure, which is often imposed on you, is to collect the identities and contact data of your visitors in order to enable the authorities and health services to immediately trace and contact the contacts of an infected person.


It is not easy to manage the situation by responding to customer and public demand while respecting the measures imposed.

And when it comes to the collection and management of your visitors' identities and contact data, you have to take on a task that does not fall within your remit and, in addition to the organisation and the material means to be put in place, which generate costs, this places a legal responsibility on you!

In addition, this may cause you to lose customers, who may rightly wonder what use will be made of their data and who could exploit it.


This is where we can help organisations


Rather than having to set up forms, registers and manage them manually, by your own staff, be satisfied with a notice of declaration and registration by your clients when you welcome them,

Offer your customers the ease of pre-registration with the advantage of anonymity, and make it easier and optimise your organisation in terms of scheduling,

You no longer have to worry about administrative management that is incumbent on you as a result of measures external to your activities,

Don't burden yourself, don't worry about managing and complying with the regulations on the protection of personal data,

Facilitate and simplify access to the information required by the teams in charge of handling contact persons.


How can you do?


Offer facilities to your customers and visitors


Allow them to identify themselves and save their data easy from a PC or mobile phone:

  • in advance, allowing you to optimise the flow and management of your spaces, tables, counters, appointments,...
  • when they arrive, so you don't have to do it yourself,

Reassure them about their personal data and offer them anonymity (they will only be asked for an Identifier).



ID e-mail

  • on line by a record-booking form,
  • by e-mail,
  • by WhatsApp or any other way,
  • or take on the printed ID Card document from the person
  • or scan their ID code.


Receive your customer, visitor's identifier

  • effortlessly,
  • without any specific resources or organisation,
  • in a smooth, fast and simple way for you and your visitors.

Thank you for kindly welcoming our users when they present you with their ID code, and discover on this occasion the facilities and advantages of our solution. 

Just confirm the presence !


When the person comes to you, all you have to do is confirm the person's arrival in your space.


As the visitor has already entered his data in the system himself, no additional data check and collection, and recording is required.

Use your PC, tablet or smartphone

Confirmation using any devices

and in no time at all
validate the ID code of those present.


That's it!

Immediately operational, simple, fluid, efficient.

No specific organisation, investment, equipment or operational arrangements to be put in place.

No paperwork management: no paper, register storage and management, no destruction of files or registers, no need for you to send information to the authorities in case of!

Streamline your reception process and concentrate exclusively without administrative concerns on your activities and your customers, visitors!

Services, saving time and money, are the advantages that we offer you. Forget Covid-19 tracing stuff.


Our solution is highly customisable, adaptable to your activity, to your specific context to meet your wishes.

Options for you are available to help you add value to your services and activities and transform a constraint, a burden into something productive, something positive.

If you are a professional organisation, a group, an institution, a club, a solution with a fully dedicated and customised system can be offered to you.


You are an actor, and the more people you encourage to join the system,

the more you will benefit from it in your daily life.


Get a look on some options and use cases