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Within the framework of certain measures taken by the authorities to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to simplify in their application the daily life of everyone.

Here more particularly within the framework of measures allowing the management of contact cases (immediately finding people who have been in contact with a person found to be carrying the virus).


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This service is our private initiative which we are launching at the end of October 2020 at a time when containment measures are being tightened.

Its success depends directly on its use by people and organisations as well institutions on your side.

The provisions imply that when people arrive in certain places where people meet, host have to  register visitors' details so that when needed they can be identified and that it is possible for the authorised people to contact it without delay.

Each time a visitor arrives, throughout the day and throughout the period of application of the measure, the host just will scan visitor's eCovid QR-ID code. Each scan will record only visitor's ID code and the Host as a case in our sytem.

Whenever a person is detected to be carrying the virus, you should look for ALL people who have been in close contact with that person. To do this, you have to contact the hosts and declared persons... which is certainly incomplete, unreliable and a lot of work for your teams.

Tedious, need a lot of resources and time, and causes a huge burden and management costs!


We offer you the opportunity to have more complete, more reliable, already digitised and basically anonymised data in real time, with a whole set of tools to identify all the contacts a person may have had, the places they have visited and all the people present together. In addition, you have all the tools for analysis, dashboards, and even call campaign management, etc...

No more multiple forms, registers and other forms of recording and communication stuff.

No more tedious tasks to find, to target, to manage data, manage contact calls and paperwork for resources and followup, reporting burden. Use process automation and online collaboration tools.

Just use e Covid application.  That's it!



If you wish, we can offer you our white label eCovid solution which is totally dedicated to you, specially configured and adapted to your needs.

Our approach, our solution is meant to be universal. Simple and quick to implement, without requiring investments, equipment, extra staff, easy to get people and guests on board. It is suitable for any form of organisation, and why not even in a private setting, and for any field of activity: associations, sports clubs, sports halls, real estate agencies, administration, car rental companies, hotels and restaurants, shops, cruise ships, passenger transport by train, bus, plane, theatre, concerts, events, congresses, leisure parks, trade fairs, exhibitions, showrooms, airports, stations, ports,...



Neither hosts, nor we, can compel people to use the system. Our solution is simply a facility, including for them by saving them the operational and administrative day to day burden (people just have to register once and they just have to use their QR-ID code, hosts just have to scan QR-ID codes, all using their  standard device without any app to download and install). And eCovid guarantees end to end full process confidentiality as only a ID number is public used and health team only will see targeted and limited people contact data, so we offer the high and neutral protection of personal data. 

We are European and the servers and data are located in European data centers with high security certificates and the requirements of the applicable data protection regulations (GDPR) are met.

When the authorities decide to end the application of the measures, all personal data are automatically deleted and the service is interrupted.

Anonymised data can be stored and made available on request



Given the context, the urgency and the temporality of the need, our solution must be simple, scalable and inexpensive, so we are not looking for perfection, nor for a complex, sophisticated application.

According to the evolution of the context, the needs, your feedback, requests and suggestions, criticisms, our own ideas, the success achieved, the service will evolve (or not) over time.

We therefore thank you for your understanding, and we also encourage you to contact us, to contribute and thus forge the evolution of the solution. The more users there are, the more they contribute and the better the solution will meet the wishes. Thank you for your support.