Create I.M.S. Users

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To use I.M.S., you must create Users


Users are generally and mainly collaborators, employees of your company.

Even if they can also be service providers, partners and other third parties with whom you have to work and share information and processes (the rights profiles allow you to limit their scope of action).



How can we do?


You can :

  • type in directly your Users
  • you can import data from a file
  • you can create Users form Contacts you have recorded in I.M.S.



How does it work?

Here we will not present type in User and data file import as it is a simple way to do the job.

We will present the way to go from Contact's data.

If you want and need to manage your Human Resources, we recommend the creation of the Contacts records, which are necessary for the corresponding business processes.


1 - Identify Contact records to be set as Users


Depending on the situation and needs, it is necessary to mark the Contacts that are to be considered as Users.

In the case of company employees, if they are not already marked as such in the Contacts data, this step should be performed as follows.

  • in Contacts list
    • select the lines for your employees
  • use the Mass Edit tool
    • select the "employee" field
    • set the "employee" value into the field
    • save

All selected Contact records will be updated.


Select Contacts in the list

Select records in list

Mass Edit tool

Mass edit

Go to the field you want to set or update.
Enter or select the new value.

By saving, all selected records will be updated with the new value.


2 - Create Users from Contacts

As Contacts you want to set as Users are with the field value "Employee", they can be selected and the required data fields can be imported to the Users database.

A Role have to be set for each User.

You can add some data to each User as

  • his line manager
  • his signature,
  • a picture
  • and set User Interface languages, currencies...

Only an Administrator User can create and manage Users.



User list

User list


In the list you can see the User data, especially his Role


3 - Link Users to Groups


If required, link your Users to Groups

Selected Group Editor

Edit Groups

Add User to the Group


That's it!

Now you have I.M.S. Users who can work

  • Just go on!
  • Assign records to Users.

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