Create your archives


Create your archives


Archives, yeah !

You have certainly pestered many times because you can not find a document, a picture, a video, an invoice, a guarantee, your insurance policy, your certificate, etc...

Or, because you forgot your entry ticket at your home, an administrative document required to run the process with the Administration agency where you moved especially and you lined up for one hour and more...


The problem is your documents, pictures, video, letters, etc... are scattered around the world in countless hands, furnitures, files, cellars and attics, a garage, perhaps at an old address,... In any case, all that stuff is not really well stored, listed, classified...

Also, older documents, archives, medical and legal documents are in material form: paper, band, film, CD. They are not stored in the same place and they are not accessible and readily available, without delay, and even less at a distance! Moreover, sometimes you can not even read them anymore over time.

Even the latest information in digital form are scattered through different devices, various applications. Not easy to remember on all and not really an effective and general way to search and to find something in the huge unstructured volume. Impossible to organize all the stuff globally according to one rational and unified method, and when a mass historical archive on the past, and a long time...

Finally, physical archives occupy builded surface and care must be taken to ensure storage and access conditions, especially over time. It's expensive. And then the material, the medium can be lost, misplaced, stolen, destroyed by a fire, a flood or somebody.


For people, as for businesses, archiving poses problems of physical occupation of space, storage and management, ultimately also a question of cost and security.

Not to mention the issues of confidentiality, legal and regulatory conservation, or simply transfers and removals, legacies or history.


How can we do?

Common sense provides a logical answer: made it smart, possible and easy to gather information, all medium in one place and digital, at your fingertips.


Begin thinking about your needs, your goal

Depending on the context, for an individual, a merchant, an SME, a manufacture, a regulated activity, an institution or an international group, the needs as well as the legal and operational constraints are very different.

Archiving solutions range from the simplest to the most elaborate.

If your activities are international, for reasons of performance and sometimes also to comply with regulation, it may happen that the choices are guided by these elements.

We only use best data centers in the world.
We only use servers that are entirely dedicated to us and our customers.

Our environment and context comply with highest standards:
Iso 27001 / PCI-DSS / HDS.


Have your own cloud


Here we talk about a basic archive solution.

Forget about storing your data in public clouds such DropBox, Box, iCloud, GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive and others business in the clouds or those of brands.

Forget paper archives and physical media, digitize them and add them to your cloud.

Revert the situation.
Use your own secured private cloud to store all your files (pictures, videos, office, pdf, CAD, music,...) in one place you choose, and manage it as the access to your cloud and files (user account, groups and sharing).

Adopt a smart solution and access your data from anywhere, use any device and do not worry about updating, backing up or protecting your data, moving them as you change your business or private location.
Consult the content directly online, and only if really necessary download the file.


Two options


Your own cloud
on a shared Eralys server


Your own cloud
on a dedicated Eralys Server


- As e-mail are not very secure and most often limited in file type and attached filesize, use your cloud to store the files you attach to your emails,
- Link files to your business application if apply,
- Synchronize with your smartphone, tablet, netbook and automatically archive directly to your cloud the pictures, videos and files received by e-mail, by Skype, WhatsApp, on your computer, etc...
- If you have high volumes or if you want more security, better protection, isolate your cloud and opt for the Dedicated Server option.


Achieve in 5 steps

  • 1 / subscribe for your cloud
  • 2 / set your devices and applications to connect to your cloud and enable synchronization (new files are immediately in your new cloud)
  • 3 / configure your users, groups
  • 4 / transfer your digital files stored elsewhere in your cloud
  • 5 / gradually digitize your old archives and load them into your cloud


That's it!

Now you have all your information together, your archives secure and at your fingertips 24/7/365 wherever you are.


Our cloud solution can do much more. Discover the possibilities and other use cases.