Create & Manage your own lists



Manage your data as you like

The information, the data volume is more and more bigger and the more relevant data are changing according to the moving context, the environment and what is needed.


If you use application software, especially in business, each is usually specialized and limited to a context of use delimited with its own data, its own structure, its own ergonomics and its interface.

They do not always have the ability to view records with their data fields in list mode (eg customers list).
And when they offer this possibility, these lists are often unique and their content frozen.


I am obliged to know exactly the identifying code among tens, hundreds or thousands, and of course no question of finding what I search for from any data field(s)....
Often I have to open each record to look at the fields content until I finally find exactly the one record I am looking for.

Let me try using the existing list... Sadly it shows me information that does not interest me and the one that would interest me it does not appear!

As for mass processing, batch processing, or if I like to look for a particular subset, if it is not planned by the software...

Every day I am faced with these problems.
Every day I have to answer questions that I do not know how to answer and yet I know the information is available in the system.
It's infuriating!


How can we do?

I.M.S. proposes by default a tool for managing List Views. It offer directly to the user, in a few clicks, many features that are applicable to all data in the system.

The User can create, edit (delete) directly it self all the Lists he may need. It can organize them, it can choose which data fields to visualize, in what order (rows and columns), and it can apply filters, select lignes to apply mass, batch update, as it sees fit.


Each one have others needs

  • Each profession deals with different information, and even if it shares data with others, the purpose and therefore their importance is not the same.
  • An accountant, a salesman, a technician, a manager, an auditor do not have the same needs, whereas they all share for example the same customer.
  • To each his habits, his ways of doing things, his approach. It will be all the more effective.
person job


Have your own Lists


Let's say we are a Sales Manager. We work on our Companies data base (Organizations).

Default List shows Organization Name | Billing city | Website...

But we want to see Organization Name | Billing country | Industry | Anual Revenu.

Create a new List.

In the left side panel, LISTS section, click on [+]

The List form will open.

  • Give a name for your List
  • Choose columns/fields you want to see
  • Choose fields order
  • Define filters and conditions (eg. Rating Equals Active)
  • Save




Create new list form
The List Form



Now, under MY LISTS section in the left side panel, you will find your new list name. Click on and you will see your new list data.



New list Organization by Country and Industry
The new list:
Organization | Country | Industry | Anual Revenue


- You can easily modify your Lists (eg. add, delete, change fields order, change filters and conditions). It is as for creation.
- You also can decide to share your list(s) if you like. Just tick the check box in the list form.
- If you tick the check box List in Metrics, your List can feed a Dashboard.


That's it!

Very simple, in a few clics and only very few minutes, you have your new List available !