Cybernetic Services Platform


Composition Simoc

The Cybernetic Services Platform is rich because the fields to cover are very numerous and extremely varied.

The tools and the means are thus also numerous and of course it goes without saying in the matter by definitions the secret and discretion are an imperative.

Are only presented here general information covering the typical fields and treated by a tool called SIMOC for SIMulation Operation Control.


☰ Cyber Resilience

cyber resilience



☰ Cyber War a new approach


In June/2017, the Gartner Group issued a report about the value of using simulation tools for the Cyber Security area.

The recently announced strategical approach of the Gartner Group to cybersecurity called CARTA (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment)suggests that it will be a requirement for most organizations the use of a cyber range as a hardening tool to IT infrastructures



Traditional approach


cyber security traditional approach


Operations are done

in production environment

with high risks

for the security team



Cyber Range approach


cyber range approach


Using ERALYS Cybernetic Services Platform with SIMOC operations are done in an accurate replica.




It is imperative to build a "Cyber Security Test Environment"



☰ SIMOC - How it works

SIMOC allows the creation of an accurate replica of your IT infrastructure to analyze and exploit in depth and up to destruction its charasteristics and vulnerabilities.
With this, it is possible to develop operating scenarios with malicious artifacts, including zero day, without affecting current services, and to verify how the network will behave in the face of a real attack, allowing different hardening methods.
It is possible to include real elements in the SIMOC environment to evaluate them, analyze their impact and behavior and put them to the test in a situation. As well as automated test, procedure and particular artefact or scenario. A nice and interesting way for testing a new component you plan to select.
With SIMOC, you have on the shelf, ready to go all what you need to set up your low cost Cyber War Room (or you can delegate it to ERALYS Team), and make available in real time to the C-level Management all the information allowing it to analyze, to measure the impacts and the consequences for the company.

Thus, it will have a good appreciation and anticipation of risks and the knowledge necessary for making good decisions, plus an effective crisis management tool.

Finally, will it have evidence when it comes to attacks, malice of its actions taken in responsibility.


☰ SIMOC - Detect, Defend and Learn

facteurs humains

Think about human factors, bots and automation, Internet of Things,....

Think about your factory, your labs, your logistics, flying (airplane, drone, satelite,...), energy production, distribution, grids, nuclear, water, agro-foods, health, justice, mobility, e-home, telecommunication, fleet management, 3D, business intelligence, stock exchange and finance, trading, bank and payements, e-businesses,...

No or very few things and people are not concerned (directly and indirectly) by cyber security in today world and life.

It becomes more and more complex and out of humans capabilities to manage this context. That is why we provide you the Cybernetic Services with our platform which use big data, data analyzing, deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies to be able to analyze, detect and to defend and learn watching continuously.



☰ SIMOC - Check devices and softwares




☰ SIMOC - Design scenario




☰ SIMOC - Your Lab




☰ SIMOC - Training




☰ SIMOC - Control & manage risks

control center

Build up your Cyber War Room and connect cyber security to business, activities, human resources management using ERALYS other services Information Management System and Smart Hybrid Connectivity eco-system as cyber security will challenge the processes, that means both organization and may be the business model because you have sometimes to take some strategical decision.

Complete and adapt your risk management, your governance to optimize and secure your business, protect your company and may be your life.