Delegated Forms Services


Significantly improve your security, with no effort, no investment, and no restrictions.


Online forms are entry points, doors of vulnerability very widely used by ill intentioned actors who want to infiltrate your business because they are an open door and moreover they are intended to feed your information management systems, your internal processes.

Whether for a simple contact, a survey, an order, an administrative process, a payment order, and so on... it is impossible to do without.


You can set up controls, firewalls, security zones, filters, encryption, separate servers and so on... but you must let pass the useful information that you need!

Therefore, the risk can not be avoid.


How can you do?

The absolute parade is known and simple.

Cut all physical links with your information system (Internet, networks, servers, PCs, databases, applications) !


Unfortunately, we are in a more and more connected world and this goes against your needs and those of your customers, suppliers, partners, your public, your employees, your users, your citizens and the contributions of digitalization...



Opt for Eralys' Delegated Forms Services Platform


The idea is very simple: you direct your online forms to the Eralys' Delegated Forms Services platform, which is necessarily completely isolated from your technical infrastructures, networks, applications and thus even physically.


The forms points to our domains, our IP,...


Therefore, even if an intruder manages to introduce himself, to introduce a virus, malware, ransomware, he will be and stay only on Eralys' server but never can reach his target, you!


The intruder finds himself

Add fieldas if facing a labyrinth!


How does it work ?


1 - You provide us with the specifications of your forms,


2 - Using our I.M.S. framework and its webform tool we create all the forms you need with the database,


3 - We send you the code to insert into your site so that it redirects the entry to our server,

Your webmaster can apply your graphic charter and your site style sheet.


4 - You recover the data to exploit it in your information management system.

You can consult and manage the data collected for you online at any time.
You decide how you want to recover your data (export, file exchange, manual, automated, frequency).


Webform creation

Set Webform
We adapt and organize the fields
in the form as you need.




Some options:



Light, quick and economic you share an IMS instance and a server, but your data are not visible, neither accessible by other clients.

IMS standard basic limited features available and you administer your own data.

IMS standard manual data csv export file and automated data files export sent by e-mail.

Ideal solution for those looking for ready-to-use without complications, as for example simply replacing the contact form existing on their website and who do not need a processing, analysis, report, monitoring tool, and does not have large volumes and sensitive data to be processed.



Same as Basic option with IMS standard extended tools and features available.

Ready-to-use solution for wider use with more forms and predefined tools and functionality for tracking forms and their data.



Gives you full Administration access and you have to manage all your stuff yourself using IMS tools and features.

The solution if you want to manage yourself your Eralys' Delegated Forms Services in IMS and/or want to be able to create, modify yourself your forms. Also you can use and define some data and events processing, your own dashboard.



Your own IMS instance

For more security and if you want to use IMS in a broader and more elaborate, more specific way and define several users with various profiles and sharing.


Your own IMS on a dedicated server

For maximum security and more confidentiality if you process application and more sensitive data.

For performance if you have large volumes of forms and data to process.


Eralys additional services

On request, we can offer many additional services:
- technical assistance
- backup, archiving
- specific solutions: pre-processing of collected data, automation, IMS application modules
- data transfers via sFTP server
- Rest API
- website




That's it!

Now you are much more safe with your web forms and at the same time you benefit from tools and functionalities which you probably did not have at the level of your web forms and which can even extend their field of application far beyond for other internal applications.


Our Eralys I.M.S. system can do many things for you. Discover possibilities and other use cases.