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Why set up a data management system?

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 05/23/2018 - 00:20


Even when you comply with GDPR, it's a safe bet that this one is based on various devices, various applications and is managed through different departments, sections, teams of the organization because informations are present everywhere. And this all has not been thought for.


The problem is that such dispersion makes it very difficult and costly to monitor, to control GDPR compliance even though this must be applied continuously. A permanent global view is not possible.

This is even more true when the organization and the data are important and the GDPR criteria require the appointment of a data protection officer.


It is therefore wise and quickly profitable to set up a specific data management system.


Using our Smart Hybrid Connectivity infrastructure, our I.M.S. eco-system becomes a Data Management System plug-in of your existing, or legacy IT.