How soon can you intervene?

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 06/27/2018 - 21:21


On our side, we can intervene almost immediately, especially in case of emergency. But more generally things are done in a few hours, within 24 hours.


In fact, the time required to run depends mainly on the time needed to feed the SIMOC tool with your data, which is related to the scope, the complexity, the diversity and specificities of your infrastructure. And also the availability of data and relative documentation.


How does Eralys offer better security?

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Security is a very broad issue that goes beyond the only aspects of network access and technology.

There are the physical and geografic aspects, IT infrastructures aspects (Internet, LAN, WAN, devices) but also firmware, middleware and operating system aspects and do not forget and underestimate the human and organization aspects.


Physical and geografic aspects :

ERALYS is part of an international group and works with clients, suppliers, partners all over the world.

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