Inform on data held


Inform people about the data that concerns them and you hold

Of course, it's primarly about personal information, but in general people appreciate the fact you show attention and respect to them. This helps to create and strengthen the relationship and transparency is a foundation for trust. It's also a good way to keep information up-to-date.


EU General Private Data Protection Regulation obliges to provide the information to those who request it, or this communication must be made to request the consent from the person concerned.


How can we do?

It's up to you to choose the policy you want to apply.

GDPR - regulation is quite general and you can decide to do the minimum to information obligation.

When the data itself, it must be said that the field is very open since the texts are rather vague in this respect, and at the same time they stipulate that the scope concerns "any information which directly or indirectly could present an impact or consequences for the individual concerned".

This is not about giving advice or recommendation, nor about providing information, data that must be provided.



1 - Use e-Mail tools


Using e-mail template management tool, you can create e-mail templates for these information communication.


As you can see, the composition tool for your templates is very similar to your word processor.


You find the possibilities that are familiar to you with all the editing options : fonts, images, table, etc...


Using the UI interface, just insert the data fields and links you wants to communicate.


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Create different templates for employees, customers, partners, suppliers etc...


2 - Use PDF Maker

Do you prefer to send a document in PDF format ?

No problem, use the I.M.S. PDF Maker option.

It works like the e-mail template tool.

e-mail template management

e-mail template


3 - Select people and send information

Now you can use your templates

Just select the person, a list of people or "all" in I.M.S. List View,

Select Send e-mail,

Select the template,


and the selected people will become the e-mail with template populated with the data you insert in as variable (or your e-mail with the PDF template file attached).



send e-mail




4 - Use Customer Service Portal


To build a better experience and provide better services you will use I.M.S. Customer Service Portal.

It offers a permanent, secured direct online access. 


Transparency, without any efforts and resources for data communication, the portal allows much more and will help to create a real relationship.


You can exchange files and work digital.

Turn the data information obligation (GDPR) to an added value opportunity !


Customer portal

Customer Portal Contact View


Turn the data information obligation (GDPR) to an added value opportunity !

Build stronger relationship.


The I.M.S. eco-system can automate these communication. For example as a new person is created in the system, sent the e-mail template, or when a change occurs i.e. a value, or a date, an amount, etc... It's the I.M.S. Automation Tool which offer these possibilities.