Data collection clean up

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Data collection clean up !


As your contacts data has been sourced and entered from several sources, you must clean up your data base before to run and start to use it.



What have we to do ?



Search and process duplicates

As several sources feeds your contacts data in I.M.S. you will certainly have duplicated records.

Also, for duplicated records, you will have various data details, so you have to merge data details into one only record.


Process your employees to make it I.M.S. Users

You need to set I.M.S. Users to allow them to access the data and use the system.

Mandatory to make the cleanup job, and more.



How does it work?


1 - Use I.M.S. Duplicate management tool,


  • Search for duplicates

Depending your list, the default list set, you will obtain a new list showing only all suspected duplicates.

May be sufficient for you in relation to your data set.




  • You can refine the criterias

Define your duplicate detection criterias to optimize your cleanup work.



Default duplicated records list

Duplicate Menu in List View

All suspected duplicated record are listed

Refine by setting your criterias

Duplicate search criteria

Select your fields to be compared in duplicated records search by the tool.



2 - Use I.M.S. merging tool


Duplicated records tool provide you with duplicated records list

  • Select the duplicated records you want to process in the list


  • Use the merge features using the check boxes to select in each record which data field you will merge into the final one only record.

Warning !
One Contact can be present several times if it is linked to two and more companies. So be carefull when you take the name field as duplicate, merge criteria.

Duplicated records displayed in two columns


Use check boxes in each column
to select the data you want to have
in your merged final record



Caution !
If you have used smartphones and other private, personal devices, directories or files as a raw source to save time, DON'T FORGET to eliminate (have your staff eliminate) the Contacts that do not belong in I.M.S.


That's it!

Now your contacts data (records) are cleaned up and you can address their operational use for your management operations

  • Identify your employees, your customers, your suppliers, your partners, your prospects
  • Send an information, registration confirmation and thank you e-mail outlining the expected next steps

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