Manage a Time Savings Account

Setup your Time Saving Account.


The Time Savings Account (TSA) is a system which, according to the terms and principles, rules or a law, an agreement between employer and employee makes it possible to relate to an individual account times which after "saving" it may later be "consumed" or compensated.


The difficulty arises in the implementation because each organization, each company, each professional branch, each country defines its system with its own rules, its limits, its thresholds, its criteria,...

The extreme variability and customization of TSA systems is an obstacle to the existence of standard software solutions.

Therefore it is difficult, if not impossible to find simple and adapted tools ready for use in the market and the management of the TSA quickly becomes tedious because very (or entirely) manual, in all cases proportionally expensive.


How can you do?


Opt for Eralys Information Management System (I.M.S.).

With I.M.S., Eralys provides a simple, fast and inexpensive solution to implement, either complete or partial, or complementary. Indeed, I.M.S. thanks to its structure and tools, without programming, in just a few clicks, allows you to add datafields, consultation and input screens, data filtering, reports and dashboards as well as processing automation, the development of e-mail templates with automatic sending and finally his Customer Portal, while managing security, access and user rights. What easily meet the needs of a TSA system.


1 - Define and configure


Define and structure the data and the parameters you need: eligibility, criteria, counters, thresholds, limits and the rules,...

In I.M.S. in a few clicks, without programming and without limits, using the screen designer add the necessary fields and codes.

Exemple: add the time saving counter to the contact/employee and add year, date, entry time, exit time, absences, holidays, activity type code,... to store movements details.


Use your own data and codes, same as in your legacy system or payroll, Human Resources management system to streamline the operation.

Add all the fields you need

Add field
For time data collection storage
for employees codes, categories...
for limits, thresholds,...


2 - Process data collection


Process the collection of time and reference data.

The situations are multiple:

  • there is a time management system (time recorders, badge reader or access control systems)
  • there is a human resources or payroll management system.

These systems produce data that is very generally exportable in a text file or other.

Loading useful data to TSA in I.M.S. from text files or other to feed the fields that we have created with data is within the reach of any user through the import tool with data matching for the fields.

  • systems are not available

I.M.S. offers all the possibilities of either direct and individual keyboard data entry, or for the import of data from a text file or other prepared upstream.

Depending on the tools and interfaces available, an automated data feed can be set up.


Import data file to I.M.S.

import map
Form text or Excel or other data file use the mapping tool to feed your data




3 - Save Time into account


Three cases:


Imputation is done from the data fed into I.M.S. For example overtime, night time, leave time,...

Credit is automated, calculated and processed by the I.M.S workflow tool, using calculated fields and if required logical rules (if condition then action).

Direct keyboard data entry

The input is done through I.M.S. screens :

  • data entry by an authorized person
  • data entry directly by the account holder

According to a request process

The beneficiary must submit a request

The request is made through the I.M.S. service request tool.

  • either directly in I.M.S.
  • either through the Services Portal.

A department or officer is informed of the request and processes it.


Automated using the workflow tools

automation 2 = +1

Keyboard data entry

Use the request process
TSA request




4 - Checks and anomalies

Using I.M.S. workflow tool, values, thresholds, codes and triggered alerts, configurable and customizable alert emails can be operated.


For example, sent e-mail for an HR department or for a manager and of course also for the beneficiary as you like.

Automatic TSA alerts report e-mail sended

automatic report email
A text format data file is attached that contain all records wich can be used by the user in other tools and application.



5 - Treatment of anomalies

Using I.M.S. workflow tool, automated adjustments can be made (with automated sending of an information e-mail to the beneficiary if necessary).

  • For example, if a limit value is exceeded, I.M.S. clocks down the counter to this value.

Anomalies can also be handled and corrected individually, or in bulk by I.M.S. tools.

  • For example for an HR department, selection of the list of all the persons in anomaly following an error of the acces control system,
  • or to credit 1 day bonus for a category of employees, or to treat the persons absent for holidays or illness of more than x days,...


Filter and select records for bulk processing

select records



6 - Dashboard & reports

I.M.S. offers all online and printable dashboard configuration and reporting capabilities that can be exported, with the option of automated e-mail delivery.


For example: sending every Thursday at 4:15 pm a report of the anomalies reported to this or that group of people.

Use the dashboard tool

dashboard & reports
Ex: show Requests status and Anomalies by department.

Use the report tool
Open tickets report



7 - Information - consultation by the beneficiary

I.M.S. offers all possibilities for 24/7/365 online consultation of its reference data, its TSA account, as well as to know the progress of its requests and any comments.


For example, beneficiary may also receive an e-mail at the end of each month from his statement of account or a reminder that he must impute to the TSA before a certain date.


Use I.M.S. Services Portal

services portal



The solution can also be pooled for a group, a sector, a branch that would like to propose a unique, personalized formula that would be specific to its members.


That's it!

Now you have your own Time Saving Account solution at your fingertips.


Our Eralys I.M.S. system can do many things for you. Discover possibilities and other use cases.