Meeting, conversation, group work


Meetings with colleagues, customers and partners - have a personal conversation and work group with one click.


At a time of globalization, of digitalization, with environmental concerns linked to transport and the search for productivity gains, but also the fact that we want or must be able to work and exchange instantly, whereever we are, having communication, exchange and interactivity tools becomes essential.

There are many audio - video communication tools, with specialized players and more general public applications on the market. Digitalization and mobility have brought many applications to bloom.

Chat applications have grown strongly, especially on mobile devices. Simple and free by their origin they are mainly individual tools.


There are various difficulties.

Professional video-audio conferencing rooms solutions are often very expensive and beyond the reach of very small, small and medium businesses.

The offer is very diverse and it is necessary to juggle between several applications and solutions, all of which have their limits or restrictions, both functional or in terms of pricing.

The market is evolving rapidly and each application and supplier has its own rhythm, and you are faced with a complex and permanent management of several updates, or even questioning of your tools.

In addition, there is the question of confidentiality, cybersecurity and data protection with its regulations.


How can you do?


Opt for Eralys Cloud MeeTalk solution.

MeeTalk is a fully audio - video and chat communication service integrated into our Eralys Cloud. It features web and mobile apps and is designed to offer the highest degree of security while being easy to use.

MeeTalk lowers the barrier for communication and lets you and your team connect any time, any where, on any device, with each other, customers or partners.

By its integration in the Cloud, it also very naturally authorizes the online processing of Office documents and the files stored there. Finally, you can take advantage of calendar services, your contacts to schedule meetings, send invitations and file synchronization.

Last point, everything happens and is, stays on your own Cloud.

Oups... one more, if you are a medical, financial player or a notary, a lawyer... connections are all end to end encrypted and our cloud servers have HDS (EU health) HIPAA (US health) and PCI DSS (finance) certifications.


1 - Private, Group and Public call


MeeTalk makes it easy to call customers and partners, friends, family in one-to-one or group-scenarios.

Users can invite external chat participants with an URL into public rooms on Cloud server.

The chat, which remains open even when the user leaves a call, enables participants to easily exchange messages, links and notes.


Invite all the people you need

Talk conf call
Participants on the left, chat on the right
video in the middle.


2 - Webinar and presentation


Share the content of a single window or a full desktop screen for presentations with chat-partners.

Manage participants by inviting, muting or removing them.

Schedule meetings and be notified when they start.

Edit documents while chatting or having a call in the sidebar.

A lobby is provided for guests to wait until the call starts.


Share content

webinar presentation



3 - Integration


Documents can be shared directly into a chat from the Files app and are made available to all participants, both users and guests.

Projects integration enables linking of chat rooms with files, calendars, tasks and other resources for easy finding.

Our online office solutions provide a sidebar with Talk for chat and calls with the participants.


Link chat room
share content
with files, calendars, tasks... and call




That's it!

Get started quickly - No limitation - Dial in anywhere.


Our Eralys Cloud solution can do many things for you. Discover possibilities and other use cases.