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Cookies and Similar Technologies Policy


We uses small files (known as cookies) to see how you use our site and products. We put them on your computer when you visit our site, and use them to recognise you and store information in between visits.

With cookies we can give you a better browsing experience, improve the quality of our products. They let us make it easier to log in, and they show us where you might be having trouble with our products. Without them, we’d have no way to remember anything about you, such as whether you’re logged in.

In this policy, we explain how and why we use cookies and they do. We can organize them into following groups:

  • Strictly necessary: we need these cookies to run our website as they let us save your cookie preferences, and they keep the site and transactions secure monitoring the reliability of our service and helps us manage login sessions by preserving user states across page requests. Also they permit to authenticate each subsequent login request to our site by a customer. They are always on.

  • For giving you a better browsing experience: it help us tailor the site to your needs, like displaying it in the same language as your webbrowser, find issues and fix, improve your experience in relation to your browser, device, as well as taking in account our visitors language and country. We use it to decide about which languages we implement and to adapt our page contents to better meet local needs.

  • To improve our products: it let us use tools that show us how you interact with our products and site pages. They help us find and fix issues, improve performance.


We do not use cookies or similar technologies to collect profiling data, nor do we implement any third-party cookies.


How to block cookies

You can choose to block cookies by activating the settings on your browser that allow you to refuse the setting of all or some cookies.

However, if you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you may not be able to access parts of the website.

Your browser settings also allow you to delete all cookies stored on your device whenever you wish.


How to control cookies

The following guidance on controlling cookies:

  • A number of websites provide detailed information on cookies, including AboutCookies.org and AllAboutCookies.org.

  • The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance website allows you to install opt-out cookies across different advertising networks.

  • Google has developed a browser add-on to allow users to opt-out of Google Analytics across all websites which use it. This is also available in the Chrome web store.

  • Some browsers include a feature known as ‘Do Not Track’ or DNT. This allows you to indicate a preference that websites should not track you. However, whilst DNT is available in many browsers, websites are not required to recognise its request, so it may not always work. You can get help on how to use DNT in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

  • For more information on how private browsing works as well as its limitations, visit the support pages for your browser: Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (iOS (mobile) and Opera (desktop).


If you are concerned about online tracking then we can recommend you:

  • Install a privacy-friendly browser on your device, such as Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Focus or Brave;

  • Install anti-tracking and ad-blocking plug-ins on that browser, such as Ad Block Plus, Ghostery or PrivacyBadger; and

  • Use privacy-friendly web search engines, such as DuckDuckGo or Quant.


If you have any questions about the cookies or similar technologies in use on our website, please contact us.