Information about Health & Wellness


Information about the Health & Well-being free test subscription conditions and limitations




This test environment is essentially intended to allow you to discover and use the data management tools relating to the health and well-being domains that are here organised in 6 topics : Weight, Measurement, Sleep, Smoking, Activities, Feeling and which are at the heart, the foundation of the solution.



A free and open launch promotional test subscription


  • The free subscription offer is only valid for the promotional launch period between 4/09/2021 and 30/09/2021.

  • Free offer, Eralys reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to limit the number of free subscriptions accepted and to reduce or extend the duration of the promotional offer.

  • Free, anonymous for test, Eralys reserves the right to accept or refuse any subscription request without providing any justification.

  • Free offer, Eralys reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to limit the data volume of subscriptions.

  • Free offer, Eralys reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to limit, restrict or extend functionality and user rights.

  • As a test environment, the users being anonymous, the services free, the data are considered as test data and not real personal data. Eralys therefore retains all rights of administration and control over the users and their files, data, the use that is made of data and its application.

  • As this is an open, test and not a production environment, Eralys does not guarantee any level of service, availability, operation, performance or support and response time.

  • As this is a test environment, certain features will not be available or operational or restricted, in particular those concerning administration, user management, groups management, certain rights, sharing in particular with non-users, communication tools, interfaces, automated, API for data collection form IoT devices.



Rules for free test subscriptions


  • Subscriptions are processed on a first in, first served and first out basis.


  • To give you the opportunity to simulate a job close to real conditions and over a certain period of time, as well as to experiment, to exploit all the possibilities of all the fields, you have a test period of 15 calendar days.


  • The rules of good conduct apply. There must be no malicious use, misuse, commercial use for unauthorised benefit or any other use that is illegal or contravenes applicable laws and enforceable against Eralys or third parties. Otherwise, the user will see his test period immediately interrupted and may be subject to prosecution.



End of free test period


  • At any time the user can request the end of the test period,


  • 2 days before the end of the test period, the user will receive a notification,


  • If they wish, they can subscribe to a personal production environment and benefit from a 50% discount,


  • At the end of the test period, user's access account and all his data and files will be deleted.