Add online booking to a web page


Adding an online booking to a web page



We are not talking here about a sophisticated and complete application for managing reservations or appointments, but about a function for the user to register his contact details online with a selection of criteria such as dates, times and, if necessary, the choice of a product or service.


Who is this solution for ?

This solution is aimed at those who do not have and do not need a sophisticated, complex and interactive application.

This quick and easy to implement, economical solution largely meets a number of needs and sectors of activity.

This solution is particularly useful when you need to offer customers 24/24 a online booking solution, and if you dont have or want to assign costly resources, spend your time for managing this matter, i.e.:

  • Booking for a restaurant,
  • Booking time, slots, location for the reception of your deliveries by your customers,
  • Request booking for doctors, dentists, lawyers, counsellors,...
  • Reservations for meeting rooms, hotel rooms, exhibition, ....
  • Booking of reservations for equipments, books,...
  • Booking for pick-up operations, car-sharing,
  • Bus, coach, tourist train, camping,...


Use case

Context of Covid-19 in 2020:
Health regulations with restrictions and limitations for restaurants.

In order to curb the spread of the virus in the population and control the health situation, the authorities require restaurants to register the identities and contact details of their clients and imposes minimum distances between people, which also results in limitations in reception capacity.


The business owner must therefore be able to optimise his activity:

  • respond as well as possible to demand,
  • optimise the filling of tables,
  • make flows as fluid as possible.

Here we illustrate what can be done in this case by setting up an online form.

Whether you are a restaurant or any other organisation in any activity,
you will certainly find any interesting
use case for you
in your particular context.


How does it work?

  1. You tell us which information the form should process:
    1. which information the customer is going to have to provide you with using the form,
    2. any option(s) to be set by the customer if apply
  2. We setup the form
  3. Case:
    1. you don't have a website, we offer you one (see Setup your web page)
    2. you have a website, we provide you with the code of the form to insert in one of your pages
  4. Depending on your needs, we set up the system for collecting the data from the form and making it available to you.

Optionally, we provide you with our applications and tools for data processing and for your industry and special needs.


The collected data can be downloaded
and delivered to you

  • in batches files sent periodically, or
  • as it happens
  • according to conditions relating to the data fields of the form

Acknowledge, confirmation, notifications, reminders can be sent



e-Covid sample form for restaurant

First part of the form is to collect visitor's data (here as required to comply with Covid-19 regulation)

Second part is the booking area with your particular data collection fields and any selectable options :

  • date and estimated time of arrival,
  • group and number of people,
  • room or terrace option,
  • smocking area option,
  • menu formula or menu card,
  • comments
  • ...


Remember, it's flexible and for a hotel for example we would find two date fields, one for arrival and one for departure and we would give the choice between room type and propose services options (breakfast, parking, sauna, fitness, swimming pool,...).


Form field sample for e-Covif

Restaurant booking form

Form field layout design to be defined,
also depending from web page
layout design




  • Once the form's data has been registered, an e-mail for acknowledge, welcome, confirmation with personalised information message can be automatically sent to the customer


e-Covid application will send a e-mail when the person registers the first time to return their Identity card code.


  • Depending on your wishes and your organisation, the volumes of customers considered, a notification message can also be sent to one or more people in your organisation.


This can be particularly interesting in the case of an after-sales, sales, delivery or intervention service, generally speaking when people are on the move, working on tour or in pools or teams,...

E-mail can be sent automatically
after saving the form data.

mail sended

Sample of e-mail message to the customer:

Thank you Bob for your reservation.
We will process your request and you 
will receive a confirmation message. 
We look forward to welcoming you soon.



How will you be able to use the data?

Data are stored in our secured databases.

Depending on your needs, various solutions are offered to you.

Simple and universal solution

We provide you with a file in text/excel format containing the data so that you can use it as you wish.



Application solution

We give you direct online access to the data and you can use a set of tools and applications at your disposal.


Please note:

As part of the eCovid solution, there are restrictions, limitations and you will not be able to see, to access, process or retrieve all data, especially private data as defined by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This also has certain commercial advantages, in particular the fact that the people you welcome are assured that their personal data are protected from your miss-using, a sensitive issue for many people, and of practical and legal side since you can be completely free from any concerns and responsibilities regarding data protection regulation.



That's it!

Now you have a simple, efficient and low-cost online booking solution, immediately operational and adaptable to your context and needs.

Particularly useful and easily customisable,
Affordable for smallest organisations, you can offer the same services as larger players,
While simplifying your daily task and optimising your activities.


We can do many things for you and among the most frequently associated things are the agendas, appointments management, dashboards with analysis tools, but also order management, invoicing, marketing tools and complete solutions specialised for many business sectors. Discover possibilities and other use cases.