Protect, share your Cloud data


Setup your own Cloud


To protect your data and yourself, you must master your data, also over time, meaning your data keeps in your hands and are not between those of third parties, at least for those that do not need to be for legal reasons.


The problem is your documents, pictures, videos, letters, legal, medical, family, professional, technical, etc... are scattered around the world in countless hands, furnitures, files, cellars and attics, a garage, perhaps at several addresses,...

Even the latest information in digital form are scattered through different devices, various applications.

And then the material, the medium can be lost, misplaced, stolen, destroyed by a fire, a flood or somebody.

This does not allow you to control, therefore to protect your data and yourself.

For people, as for businesses, a good solution is to setup her own "private" cloud to store all the stuff in one place they have direct control on.

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How can you do?

Opt for the Eralys Cloud.

In a few clicks you define the features that interest you and in a few minutes you are operational.


Begin thinking about "physical"


Depending on your context, your needs choose your Data Center location and choose between hosting on a public shared server or a server that is exclusively reserved for you.


If your activities are international, for reasons of performance and sometimes also to comply with regulation, it may happen that the choices are guided by these elements.

We only use best data centers in the world.
We only use servers that are entirely dedicated to us and our customers.

Our environment and context comply with highest standards:
Iso 27001 / PCI-DSS / HDS.


Select the features you need


At your disposal an extensive catalog that has a hundred or so features, apps, tools and expands each day.

Files : sync, share, encrypt, view,...

Talk : call, chat, web meeting,...

Groupware : contact, agenda, e-mail,...

Tools : users, groups, audit, search, ...

and much more...



Setup access and group sharing

User access

  • Add Users as you want. A User is someone that have an access to your Cloud using an ID.
  • Add Groups as you want. Then you can link Users to Group(s).


An User can be linked to several Groups. All Group members have access to the same information in the cloud.

For example, you create a "Family Album" group to share your family pictures.

In a company you create a "France" group, a "US" group and a "Sales" group to share with all salesforces, only salesforce from France for some information and only with US salesforce for some other information.



Manage Users and Groups

Users & Groups


Structure your directories

Access and sharing rights apply to directories and to files in your cloud.

It is therefore important and necessary to organize the directories of the cloud in accordance with your needs.

Although it is possible at any time to modify and reorganize this easily, it is better to think about what information you want to access by whom or with whom you want to share. A restructuring will cause some work especially if there is volume of data and a lot of Users and it will probably destabilize your Users accustomed to a first structure.

Manage directory & files to Users

Share Directories & files


This list show you whom shares which directory.


Manage file access and sharing

You can set for each shared file and directory what the User can do:

  • create,
  • modify,
  • delete,
  • consult,

But also specify:

  • an expiration date,
  • permission to share in turn,
  • ability to add a note,

And Stop to share.

Manage file access and sharing

Rights on Shared Directories & Files


You can also share any directory or file with a non-user people using a "public access link" you will send him.

You can set for an open "public" direct access, an particular e-mail address with or without password and specify or not an expiration date for the access.


That's it!

Now you have all your information in your own hands, good secured and you have the means for a full direct control on user access and rights.


Our Eralys Cloud solution can do many things for you. Discover possibilities and other use cases.