(Re)construct master data


Hacking, breakdown, accident, you have just lost all your data!


Cases of hacking, ransom demands are multiplying, but there may also be other reasons that deprive you unexpectedly and completely of your master data.


You find yourselves in a state of complete destitution, your activities stopped. Panic on board!
You are in absolute emergency!


It is generally impossible in these situations to reboot quickly, in a few minutes, hours,

Even with backup copies, it is not possible to reinstall instantaneously because in case of a hardware failure, an accident your hardware is inoperable and,

In case of hacking, it is first necessary to find and eliminate the cause, re-install, re-configure, check,  complex, meticulous operations that take hours and rather days.

Your business, your services are interrupted with important consequences, all the more critical as it can endanger lives!



How can you do?


At first you need to be able to contact and re-establish relationship with your clients, partners, suppliers, leads, and also your employees because you work for and with them.

Then you will probably also need to have your products, stocks and invoicing available fairly quickly, enough to organize your operational functioning.

You have three options:

1 - Attempt to reconstruct the data by hand, manually and individually:

  • titanic task, which will certainly be incomplete, error-prone,
  • difficult to use, to update and keep synchronized between collaborators, a source of problems,
  • huge data entry workload for you and your employees
  • at the end, perhaps, and certainly if you are working on paper, you will still need to re-enter some or all of your data into your system when it becomes operational again
  • reconstructed on paper or possibly in word processing tools, spreadsheet if you have the possibility


2 - If you can, setup a new system from scratch:

Only possible if

  • your premises allow it
  • you can re-install your system and applications (mainly you need some new hardware and licences),
  • you have backup files (up to date)
  • this option also needs some time to run : hours and more if you need to buy new hardware, software...
  • regarding your latest backup, probably you will lack some data and latest updates
  • in case of a cyber-attack you will not want to immediately put your new installation back online as is, because you don't know if your backup is infected, and the attacker may reoffend easily

3 - Opt for an intelligent and immediately operational rescue solution that can be put back online instantly

For larger organisation you may have a business continuity plan in place, but there is still the risk that your data copies and backups could be infected in the event of a cyber attack!
Therefore, it is not possible to put them into operation immediately or very quickly because everything will have to be checked in depth before (hours and days work).


Therefore we will present you our safest and most immediate running solution


Why the safest ?

  1. there is no WAN - LAN connexion, neither any IP  address relation, nor URL, domain name, nor geographical, nor commercial relation with you and your system (your name, your identity does not appear)
  2. we will not use your backup data (too long and risky)

Why most immediat solution ?

  1.  You can start working in just a few minutes (just the time for us to open our services for you)
  2. Eralys team and your clients, partners, suppliers, leads will help you each one feeding their own data into the system using our webforms or providing data files


Why the most intelligent ?

With I.M.S. (Information Management System), Eralys provides a very flexible platform, very easily adaptable to any context in just a few clicks, without the need for programming, and therefore capable of responding instantly to the most operational and specific needs of any sector of activity, of any industry and business.

Define data, listbox values, forms, screen, lists, filter, reports, documents, products, services, assets, process, automation, calculation, codifications, data record and field relation, events, tasks, projects, dashboard, groups, hierarchies, roles, rights, data import and export and much more.

Multilingual, multi-currency, multi-tax system we know how to respond to your international activities if need be.

You can reproduce your organisation and manage your clients, suppliers, partners, leads, employees, assets, have and use relationship management tools, manage quotes, sales order, invoicing, payments, sales orders, purchase orders...

At the end, all your data can be exported to be take over by your own IT without any lost, without new type in of data.

We provide RGPD compliant solution, also finance and health, public certifications if required.


Let's go !

At first if you are without client's, supplier's, partners', employee's, lead's master data, you can doing nothing!

Reinventing and recreating this data is a long and tedious job for you and your teams who have many urgent and important things to deal with.

Therefore we will setup webforms to allow your customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and leads to help you by entering their own data, which is not very time consuming for them and provides you with up-to-date data. 

The webform will be customized for you in relation with the information you need.

Let say we are a hospital

We need to find all the patients and the appointments that were made, such as admissions, checking and operations.

Here we will add fields to collect also date, time, speciality, doctor's name, comments, not only name, address and  phone.

Then you just need to inform about our URL where the webform is and ask everybody for help.


We setup customized webforms
IMS Webform

We decide with you which data you need and add it in the webform.
Some ones could be also listbox values, check box and comments.
Information, instructions can be done in the webpage.


Other master data you can need

Should be, you need some other master data i.e. products, services, assets, documents...

Three ways are possible :

  1. setup webforms as for the first master data
  2. file upload for documents and other data to be imported
  3. using Excel, csv and other files provided that can be imported

The three ways can be used together.

This needs are activity dependent and data are very various.


We setup customized webforms
Import data



Use the possibility of I.M.S. automation

Case by case, I.M.S. automation can be used to set or to create some thinks for you.

Some examples :

  1. Send e-mails : exemple to acknowledge, to confirm or as notification
  2. Create or update a record, a data
  3. Create an event or a task
  4. Create end send a report

Let's return to our hospital example

As we collected date and times we can :

  1. rebuild automatically all the planning of appointments and operations,
  2. notify doctors, employees,
  3. create tasks in relation to events
  4. send reminders x days before, prescriptions
  5. create alerts in case an item is missing
  6. send notification to patients, doctors and/or employees if somethings have changed

Thus, just for illustration.



i.e. automatic planning building

From data typed in I.M.S. can rebuild a planning.


That's it!

Now you have the master data available and tools that allows you to work and manage your operation.


Our Eralys I.M.S. system can do many things more for you, often to the point of replacing nearly the entire of your own system.

Discover possibilities and other use cases.