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Setup your own web page



We are not talking about setting up your website, which is another offer.

We are talking about a basic solution that simply offers the display of a static, personalised web page, hosted by us on a shared webserver.


Who is this solution for ?

This solution is aimed at those who do not have and do not need a website, especially when they do not have changing information, huge contain to make available, and/or who do not know or do not wish to, or cannot implement and manage a website.

Nevertheless they can be present on the Web and can display a presentation page.

This solution is particularly useful when you need a specific page for an event or for a temporary or special need i.e.:

  • promote, make a pre-announcement,
  • you want to put online a form by which visitors record information for your attention,
  • for small entities, self-employed (also bigger one) who want to use our eCovid solutions under its very special conditions.


Use case

Context of Covid-19 in 2020: unforeseen, urgent and temporary need to record data


In order to curb the spread of the virus in the population and control the health situation, the authorities require those who welcome the public to register the identities and contact details of their clients and visitors.


Here we illustrate the case of our eCovid solution for collecting and recording the contact data of people who will then be brought together in one place, such as a restaurant.

Of course, the same applies in principle and its implementation for example to an event organiser, a ticketing system, a survey, a booking system and even a simple online ordering system, registration, and so on.

Whether you are an individual, a self-employed
person, a craftsman, a shopkeeper, a sports club, an
association, a company, an NGO, an institution,
you will certainly one day meet the need
for this quick, flexible and very economical solution
to implement.


How does it work?

  1. You provide the information, logo, images and text files that are to be displayed on the page,
  2. If you wish to set up an online data entry form, you tell us what data you wish to collect and how it will be used,
  3. We submit you your page (standard basic model and layout),
  4. You agree,
  5. We set up and give you the url address of the page.

Optionally, on request, several pages, more elaborate services and solutions, applications, integration with your own website, data processing, are possible.



Web page for a Restaurant

The basic administrative "must have"

  • Name (optional logo) of your restaurant
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • "Normal" opening date and time
  • A short general presentation text

Picture(s) options

  • Picture of your restaurant (inside or/and outside),
  • Dish(es),
  • Your team, cook, owner
  • Any background picture or composition

Text options

  • Dish-Menu description
  • Your specialities
  • ...

Remember, like a shop window, an advertisement, you only have a limited amount of space (you only have one page to present and attract) and information is static.

Some examples


Restaurant Le Catering


Restaurant My Food




  • additional static pages
  • more sophisticated design
  • inclusion of a data entry form, i.e.
    • for contact data collection,
    • for news letters subscription,
    • for sales orders (simple, direct with very few references),
    • for booking (Simple, direct with very few references)
  • linked to application

Data entry form example

web form restaurant




To use our eCovid solutions, inclusion of data entry form in a web page is mandatory and it will be linked to our application.


That's it!

Now you have visibility on the web and even the possibility of collecting information and taking orders online.


 We can do many things for you. Discover possibilities and other use cases.