Assign To attribute, a key point

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Assign To attribute, a key point


In I.M.S. any object as a data record, a file, a dashboard,... has a mandatory Assign To value set.

Value only can be a User or a Group.

When a User create an object, by default I.M.S. set the attribute Assign To to his User value. Making the User the owner of the object.

By default, subject to other sharing options, a User only will see his own objects. But it can change the value to assign to an other User or to a Group.

All Group members can see the object own by the Group.

Very usefull to :

  • protect User's information and give them the choice to share or not
  • track events in I.M.S.
  • manage validation process
  • assign tasks etc... from one User to others and manage business processes
  • run automation, workflows
  • log changes
  • audit purpose



How does it work?


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1 - How to Assign To


User can set the value of an object.



Assign To






That's it!

Now you can manage I.M.S. objects assignation

  • Use it as you like, in business processes, to assign tasks, to hide and share, in automation processes.