Get online appointment booking


Offer the possibility to request an appointment online using a web form



Appointment management can be a rather rudimentary thing, but it can go as far as very complex solutions bringing together the management of contacts, agenda, tasks, planning,... and all aspects of internal and external collaborative work.

We are dealing here with a simple solution that offers an online appointment request facility that can be linked with contacts and calendar management, providing common basic functionalities often largely sufficient for most business activities.


Who is this solution for ?

This solution is aimed at those who do not have and do not need a sophisticated, complex and interactive application.

This quick and easy to implement, economical solution largely can meets a number of needs in business sectors who, by the nature of their activity, maintain a relationship based essentially or totally on a planning organisation, appointments.

This solution is particularly useful in particular businesses when you need to offer customers 24/24 online appointments requests, helping you with your appointment scheduling task. Some examples here:

  • Restaurant booking,
  • Hotel, Bed & Breakfast booking,
  • Health care industry,
  • Sales forces management,
  • Delivery management,
  • Transportation activities,
  • Training activities,
  • Lawyer,
  • Garages, technical inspection centres, repairers, maintenance services,
  • Camping, sports, leisure facilities booking,
  • Office, meeting room booking,
  • Rental services,
  • ....


How does it work?

We provide you with a personalised web page on our server that will integrate your online appointment booking form.
If you have a website, we can provide you with the code that you will just have to insert in one of the pages of your site.

This public web page will allow people to submit their appointment request online.


You can insert a link to the appointing form in your docs, and in your social networks and so on.


Form sample

Appointments booking form

Form field layout design to be defined,
also depending from web page
layout design




  • Once the form's data has been registered, a acknowledge, welcome, confirmation e-mail can be automatically sent.


The content of the e-mail can be personalised.

E-mail can be sent automatically
after saving the form data.

mail sended


How will you be able to use the data?

Data are stored in our secured databases.

Depending on your needs, various solutions are offered to you.

The most limited solution

We provide you with a file in text/excel format containing the data so that you can use it as you wish.



Application solution

We give you direct online access to the data and you can use a set of tools and applications at your disposal.



Manage appointments (app)


Once the form's data has been registered, you can consult, edit, modifiy appointments.

You have various views available:

  • private user's view (each one has only his own appointments view),
  • shared view (i.e. a manager can see all team members' appointments),
  • month, week and day views
  • agenda view
  • list views


You can manage teams, groups calendars.
Colors can be set i.e. by people, by employee, by type, by status.
Type and status values can be setup as required.

First day in the week, standard time slot by type, calendar home view preference can be definied. 

Shared calendar month view

shared calendar month view

Change the appointment or simply change its status to confirm.
Each change can be notified and automatically send an e-mail with an adapted text according to the status.
Reminder notification can be sent.
Recurring appointments can be set up.

Day view

Shared day view

You can see only yours or all shared.


Agenda view

Mine Agenda View

An other visual way to see your agenda.

Manage list views as required

Calendar list view

You can create, organise and modify lists as you need and share it with users or hold it private.

You have a search-filter bar at the top of the column and a simple click on the column header allows you to display in ascending/descending direction.

Also, at the top of the list you can select everything, and at the beginning of the rows there are checkboxes that allows you to apply mass actions to the selected rows only.

Very useful for example when you want to confirm a number of appointments (set the status to "confirmed") because it is quicker than going to display and update each record in turn.

With a click on a line you display the detail.

For spreadsheet addicts, you can edit each "cell" in a row in spreadsheet style when you double click on the cell or row.

Finally you can import and export the data (csv and ics files).


That's it, what else!

Now you have a simple, efficient and low-cost online appointment booking solution, immediately operational and adaptable to your context and needs.

Particularly useful and easily customisable,
Affordable for smallest organisations, you can offer higher services level to customers,
While simplifying your daily task and optimising your activities.


We can do many things for you and among the most frequently associated things: tasks, project tasks, events, invoicing, marketing tools, dashboards with analysis tools, in general, anything that can be linked to a date, but also complete solutions specialised for many business sectors. Discover possibilities and other use cases.