Work in groups around files


Share, comment and manage file versions


Mostly, we proceed by simple exchange of files with our interlocutors and very generally we use e-mail to communicate them and make them go back and forth when it comes to developing a file in its final form.

This is for example the case :

  • between colleagues and departments to validate a budget,
  • between a secretariat and the members of a Committee, or the participants in a meeting to validate the minutes,
  • between the sales, the legal team and a customer and his team to close a contract,
  • between a notary, his team and his clients for a will and the management of inheritance,
  • between a communication agency and its client to validate an advertising brochure model or a video, photos,
  • in a construction or urban planning project for example, between architect, client, construction company and suppliers to work on technical, administrative documents, plans, progress reports, very numerous and voluminous,
  • ...


If the working method seems very simple and not very restrictive, it nevertheless presents significant disadvantages:

  • It is not very effective because you quickly get lost in e-mails and versions,
    It is a source of confusion, errors, oversights that can have significant consequences,
  • Everyone must adopt a classification and management method to try to find their way around and ensure that they can have some traceability. And we're not talking about archive management, nor the control and validation processes...
  • When the files accumulate, the number of versions, the volumes and the sizes of the files are important, the use of e-mail for the exchanges and file management quickly becomes prohibitive,
  • In addition, there is the question of confidentiality, cybersecurity and data protection with its regulations.


How can you do?


Opt for Eralys Cloud solution.

At the same time simple, familiar, flexible with its management of directories and files like the file explorer, the Cloud is particularly suitable for storage and exchange, sharing of large files in size and number.

Eralys Cloud brings you much more, however, with its management of user and public access rights, file version management, the possibility of linking participant comments to files, linking a chat thread and keep track of all related activities.

Add the possibility of viewing files online and using them during Eralys Cloud MeeTchat calls and video conferences.

More security is done and if you are a medical, financial player our cloud servers have HDS (EU health) HIPAA (US health) and PCI DSS (finance) certifications.


Files organized at your convenience


With an interface very close to a classic file explorer, structure the organization of your files in a hierarchy: directories, sub-directories, files...

To structure your file organization, think about:

  1. the access rights you need to organize (the rights of users or public to access, edit, delete, download and share apply at the directory and file level),
  2. Your file synchronization needs between the different devices involved (i.e. synchronize by directory, same organization as on your Desktop,...),
  3. Your internal and working organization, business, client file, supplier, partner, project, type of document and type of files,...


Classic File Explorer interface

File Management Home Page
Organize as you like.

As in a file explorer, you can modify your tree structure, move, copy your files, select 1 or several files or directories.


Files upload or creation


Select your directory and upload or create online your files.

i.e. you can upload :


  • Pictures and create Albums to be shared with your family or could by used by a communication or a press agency and their customers (pictures could be show online in a gallery)


  • Videos to be shared with your family or used in relation to your business activity (car and any product or services sales, construction project progress, training purpose,...)


  • Architectural or urban Plans for an architectural firm or industrial technical plans...


  • Office files (document, contract, user guide, letter, presentation, spreadsheet, pdf)


You can also create online Office files. This is particularly interesting for group work (see the corresponding use case).


Upload or Create online your files

File management tool

Pictures - Gallery

Photo gallery




File Versions


Each time a file is modified, a new version is saved as you can see in details of meta data in relation to the selected file in the right frame open on the screen.


Cool, if you want to retrieve an older version of the file.


Just clic on the Version tab to open the versions track line, then you can select the file you like to go to.



File versions
file versionning
Top right you have a short overview of the content of the file



File Comments


A very practical and useful function when working in a group.


For each file, for all those who share it, it is possible to link a comment.


Particularly useful for:

  • make a comment to the attention of a third party to request a proofreading, a supplement or even a validation,
  • run a validation process (i.e. contract, minutes of a board, technical or financial, customer validations),
  • add comments to a file whose content is not editable.


Files comments

File content

Just select the Comments tab on the right side and you will see the log of all comments made by whom and when.

You can add yours.




File Sharing


File can be shared and made available to Cloud User but also to guests.


You can share with one or more users, the members of a Cloud group, as well as invite a third party by sending them a link on their email.


You can define the rights which apply at the level of sharing : on the edition, deletion, download, upload, define a password, an end date of the rights and of course at any time you can revoke or modify these parameters.


Share Files and work together
share file
Manage access and User rights.



Enter a chat


Working around a file, at any time you can enter a Chat with one or more people who share the file with you, who work with you.


Friendly and efficient since it allows you to work more interactively.



In one click enter a chat
Video chat around a file
and work more friendly and interactively



That's it!

Get started immediately, work with files much more efficiently and comfortably, but also safer.


Our Eralys Cloud solution can do more things for you. Discover possibilities and other use cases.